Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am very sorry for not updating this blog for so long.  I had a mishap while riding into Cleveland.  After a rest day in Sandusky, I was riding along West of Cleveland across a RR bridge when my front tire got sucked into an expansion rail, which sent me flying off the bike.  My head landed first, followed by my shoulder, then I rolled a bit on the pavement.  Thank God for helmets!!  I was stunned and could not get up for awhile.  Help arrived very soon and Tom (our mechanic) took me straight to a nearby hospital where they took CT scans of my head & neck, and x-rayed my shoulder.  Luckily I had no major damage.  They patched up my scrapes and sent me off. 
I have to say I have not been feeling too well the past few days.  I have been dealing with pain, dizziness, and nausea.  Took 2 full days off of the bike, then rode 60mi yesterday and 31mi today.  After yesterdays ride I felt sickly, but today I just felt a bit dizzy.  I will try to ride some more tomorrow and see how much I can do.  I seem to be feeling a bit better tonight so if I get a good nights rest maybe I can get in some miles.  Tomorrow is the big 100mi day into Gettysburg!
The beginning of the Rails to Trails for us.

The trail went under roads...

and over rivers.

part of the trail

The wall of names at the Flight 93 Memorial

Looking down the flight path to the impact site now marked with a boulder.

A tribute from the BSA

Big riders listen to the presentation.  In 1st row is Olivia, Nelle. Melanie, Kendall, and Tim.  Cara is in the 2nd row.

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  1. Martha... keep the spirit up - you're almost there! I can tell you from a motorcyclist point of view (and I'm sure a bicyclist's too) is that it's not "if" you'll fall... it's "when!" So you get back up, dust off, and get back in the saddle! Go Sis!! -Tom