Thursday, August 1, 2013

Days 45 & 46 Gettysburg, PA - 101mi, 7260ft of climbing

Today is our rest day in Gettysburg.  This is a fascinating town, with old civil war buildings, many restaurants and pubs and shops.  The local bicycle club welcomed us into town yesterday, gave us a great dinner, and three of the members took us on a cycling tour of the battlefield today.  All very very nice.
Yesterday I started out the ride figuring I would take it easy and see how far I could get before I started feeling bad again, then stop for the day.  Well I got to about mile 25 and still felt great, so I rode on.  At 50 miles I was starting to be sore, but felt ok so on I went.  At 75mi I was starting to get tired, but still felt ok so I figured I would see if I could do a few more miles.  At 90 miles I WAS tired and sore, but I figured I had come this far, and my head felt ok, so on I went.  Well, to my delight, I was able to finish the ride!!  And I accomplished a personal climbing record!  It felt so good to finish the days riding with the group again.  Hopefully I can ride the full 2 days of riding left to reach DC.
The road through a beautiful state park on the way to Gettysburg

Pennsylvania woodlands

Gettysburg battlefield

Exploring Gettysburg park

Jeff E, Luke, Jeff S, me, Tom

Our bikes from the tower

Original civil war Gettysburg cannons

Thank you Hanover bicycle club!!

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  1. Oh, I'm SO glad you're able to ride with the group again!