Monday, August 5, 2013

After the ride

When the hoopla at the finish was done, we met back at the truck for one last time to sort the gear and give our final farewells for now.  My sister and niece took me up to Baltimore where we went out to a very nice dinner and then stayed the night at Paige's nice little house.  It was so good to be with family and sleep in a bed.  I was  very, very tired.  The next day we went for a fun jet boat tour through the harbor and around Chesapeake Bay, then out to a great lunch with Paige's boyfriend.  Too soon it was time for my sister and I to catch our prospective flights home.
Now as I sit on the plane to Seattle, I ponder the emotions of having to say goodbye to the people whom I have experienced the last seven weeks with on the road. Then I had to say goodbye to my sister and niece.  This trip has been many things.  I have encountered the nation by bicycle - the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings.  I have been through two family deaths and an accident that left me with bruises and a concussion.  I will miss my dear fellow riders.  But I am ready to go home.  Home to my dear husband and children and friends.  I am blessed.

Kathy and Paige on the jetboat tour

Emergency relief ships anchored in the harbor.

Jetboat spray - we got wet!

Fort McHenry -that was under attack when the Star Spangled Banner lyrics were penned

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  1. Martha - you made it... BOO-YA !!!!

    Have a comforting trip home and enjoy that 1st night's sleep back in your own bed....